The Andrews Introducer
The principal object of the Fund is to promote innovation in the design of surgical instruments and techniques. To this end The Cutlers’ Surgical Prize is awarded annually to a surgeon who has performed outstanding work in the field of instrumentation, or technical development in any branch of surgery. Entries are judged by representatives of the specialist surgical associations, in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons who recommend which of the entrants should receive the award.

Its other objects are the making of grants in support of surgical research and medical charities; and the provision of educational grants in the field of surgical and medical technology. Further information about the award, together with details of previous winners can be obtained here. Click here for an application form.

The Cutlers’ Fellowship in Surgery is open to recently qualified surgeons at St.Bartholomew’s and Royal London Hospitals who wish to visit hospitals outside the United Kingdom, in order to study surgical techniques that are relevant to their chosen specialism.