In Common with many Livery Companies, the Cutlers’ Company has formed affiliations with several units of the armed forces and other institutions

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment

The Company’s most recent affiliation is with The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment which was confirmed in April 2016. The Regiment have a proud tradition of over three centuries service as a bodyguard to the Sovereign, and made up of the British Army’s two most senior regiments, The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment sits at the very heart of the cultural and military heritage of Britain. The Regiment’s rich history stretches back to 1660 from descendants of King Charles II’s Life Guards and the Earl of Oxford’s ‘Blues’. Since then it has forged a tradition, ethos and reputation for excellence and professionalism, whether on State Ceremonial duties, or on military operations. They are also the largest users of ceremonial swords in the British Army.

4th Battalion, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

Fourth Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment was formed in September 2017. It is an Army Reserve Unit with Companies based in Cosham, Edgware, Farnham, Crawley, Its Headquarters is based in Redhill, Reigate. It’s affiliation with The Worshipful Company of Cutlers commenced in 2017 on formation as a result of B company’s historic association as part of the London Regiment.

256 (City of London and South East) Multi-Role Medical Regiment

The Company adopted this unit in 1995 and is currently affiliated to 221 Hospital Squadron based at the Army Reserve Centre, Kingston upon Thames. The unit comprises of some 333 personell from a wide variety of professions and occupations – the majority of officers and soldiers are healthcare professionals who work for the NHS within Greater London and the South East. A member of the Squadron is awarded annually the Company’s prize for outstanding achievement or contribution within the Squadron.

RAF Tactical Medical Wing

The role of the Tactical Medical Wing (TMW) is to train, equip and deploy RAF medical service personnel as force elements in support of operations and exercises and to provide worldwide Aero-medical Evacuation service for the UK military.

291 (Westminster & Chelsea) Squadron, Air Training Corps

In 2007, in an effort to support London youth, the Company entered into an affiliation with 291 (Westminster and Chelsea) Squadron of the Air Training Corps, a cadet unit based at the London Scottish headquarters in Victoria. Members of the Squadron are awarded the Company’s silver poignard for outstanding achievement.

Corps of Drums Society

The Society was founded in 1977 by a group of Territorial Army drummers who were concerned that the standard of drumming in both the Regular and Territorial Armies was in decline. In time the Society proposed that a competition be held annually to identify the most outstanding NCO in the drums platoons of the English and Welsh line regiments and the Foot Guards, and this was eventually instituted by the Director of Infantry in 1997. The Company agreed to award a prize of a drummer’s sword, which is traditionally presented to the winner of the competition by the Lord Mayor on the day of the Lord Mayor’s Show.

Zunft zur Schmiden, Zurich

The Zunft zur Schmiden (Guild of Smiths) is one of the ancient guilds of Zurich and obtained its first Charter in 1336. Whilst it was principally formed to protect the interests of blacksmiths, it also embraced a variety of related trades including cutlers, pewterers, bell founders, and barber-surgeons. The Company’s association with the Zunft began in 1984 when Alderman Sir Alan Traill, a Past Master of the Company, took office as Lord Mayor and invited the Guilds from Zurich to participate in the Lord Mayor’s Show. Since then a close friendship has developed between the Company and the Zunft, and hospitality is exchanged on a regular basis. One of the highlights of every Master’s year is to attend the Sechseläuten Festival in Zurich when all the guilds celebrate the ending of winter and the beginning of spring.