New Affiliation

The Company became affiliated with The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, a new and exciting addition to our current affiliates, being the only Regular Army unit with which we are affiliated. The memorandum of association was signed by the Master, Janek … Read More

Cutlers to Cutlers Cycle Ride

Over the weekend of 6/7 August, Cutler Peter Randolph, and friends Nick Clark and Stuart Fearne cycled from Cutlers Hall in Warwick Lane to Cutlers Hall in Hallamshire, where they were welcomed by the current Master & Mistress Cutler in … Read More


On 29 July this year, the I.P.M. Janek Wichtowski, and the newly elected Master of the Company, George Clarke, as well as our Beadle’s wife, Shirley Hasler, literally laid their lives on the line for charity.  They jumped out of … Read More

Welcome to our new Master

On 20 July 2016 George Clarke was installed as Master of the Cutlers Company for 2016/17, our Sexcentenary Year.  At the same time, Colin Evans became Senior Warden, and Tim Osborne-Jones Junior Warden

New Assistant Clerk

After three very successful years as Executive Assistant, Iben Muriel has been appointed Assistant Clerk of the Company.  This will enable her to take more responsibility and share some of the load during this Sexcentenary year.

Visit to Firmins in Birmingham

As part of the Company’s search by the Master for more sword producing companies, he and the Master Elect and Clerk visited Firmins factory in Birmingham.   From modest beginnings in 1655 as button makers, Firmin & Sons became the leading … Read More

The Master Elect

    The Master Elect prepares to take office!        

Master and Master Elect learn to make knives

On 30th July the Master, Janek Wichtowski, and his Lady, Sue Wichtowski, the Master Elect, George Clarke, and his Lady, Isabel Clarke, and the Clerk, Rupert Meacher all visited two factories in Hallamshire, one of which was Chimo Ltd in Sheffield where … Read More

‘B’ Company, the London Regiment

The Master presented a specially-engraved sword to Lt. Col. Tim Smart, Commanding Officer of the London Regiment. This is the first time since the Company’s affiliation with ‘B’ Company of the London Regiment that a former Officer Commanding has risen … Read More

A report from Boot Scholar Polly Bryans

Polly Bryans sent us this report about her work in Hong Kong at the end of January 2015 . “It has been just over four months since I left England to travel to Hong Kong. My time here is going … Read More