On 29 July this year, the I.P.M. Janek Wichtowski, and the newly elected Master of the Company, George Clarke, as well as our Beadle’s wife, Shirley Hasler, literally laid their lives on the line for charity.  They jumped out of an aircraft at about 12,000 feet, free-fell for approximately 45 seconds and then enjoyed a 5-minute canopy ride, strapped to an instructor, over Nethreavon, Wiltshire.  All this in aid of the Sexcentenary Charity.  Between them they raised over £10,000.  Congratulations to all of them!  Photos of the Master and Shirley are posted below, and those featuring the IPM will follow.

George Clarke 0047


Shirlita Hasler 0020          Shirlita Hasler 0174